Unknown facts about Antwerp’s Chocolate World – Mold designers of the world

A huge part of the chocolate industry is the shapes of the products sold. With over 170,000 tons of chocolate being sold annually in Belgium, it is impossible to individually shape the pralines created by chocolatiers. If you’re looking to make your own pralines in your family business or even at home, this is one place where you should head to. Chocolate World specializes in producing polycarbonate molds and various equipments used in the chocolate industry.

Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about Chocolate World. Yes, nice name isn’t it?

  • They are a big deal in the world of chocolate

They don’t cater to only local businesses. Companies from all over the world flock to their factory to order their chocolate molds. They have the world’s largest collection various designs of molds, numbering at 1,800. If you think that’s a small number, to give you a perspective on things, their closest competitor is three times smaller. And this company doesn’t just deal with chocolate molds. They also supply the chocolate industry with all related tools and equipment needed to produce chocolate – ranging from small items like presentation trays and dipping forks to bigger pieces like filling machines and melting kettles. Basically, if you’re on the lookout for anything related to chocolate – chocolate World is your go-to place.




  • “We design your chocolate”

This is actually their tagline. This may seem cocky – but this is exactly what they do. They design and create molds and equipment that you use to produce chocolate at your business. So in essence, the shape and design of the chocolates that you produce are actually designed by them. They have two types of molds catering for the larger businesses which deal with mass production, and the smaller scale family business who may need to do only a one off session.

This place has an inventory and references of all the molds produced – ranging from the lower reference numbers indicating the first molds made to the larger reference numbers referring to the most recent molds produced. The molds decrease in size as you notice a trend for smaller chocolates in recent years.

If you’re looking to produce your very own custom chocolates, they can help create a mold especially for you, with your design inputs. If you have a low budget, they offer transfer sheets for magnetic molds where you can create sheets with printed cocoa butter designs to place on the top of your products.


  • They are proudly Belgian

Founded by two Belgian brothers in 1986, the production which was first carried out in Portugal came back to Belgium after being bought over by the current owners who are Belgium and are highly respected members of the Chocolate industry. The move to Belgium improved quality in production and awareness of the company.

  • They cater to chocolate makers

There are various types of customers that approach Chocolate World. They could range from the passionate chocolatier who run their own stores and want to expand further, to those who have made chocolates and want to expand their sales online or sell them in a small store and last but not least, the chocolate lover who makes chocolates for family and loved ones.

  • Surprise! They don’t only do chocolate

Yes, the name might mislead you. They do deal mainly with chocolate products, but they have diversified into making waffle machines and other equipment dealing with products apart from chocolate. Since 2004, when they bought over Sileto, they have been supplying varied range of ice cream, bakery and pastry preparation equipment like kitchen utensils, flexipan molds and raw produce.

Now tell me who doesn’t like chocolate? Especially kids? We’ve all grown up with chocolate being our reward for being good or our treat for a special occasion. I remember when I was a child, chocolate was a rarity.