Top Brands of Belgian Chocolate

Nothing beats a good bar of chocolate. Whether it’s a stressful day or a happy event, chocolates are the holy grail of love, comfort and happiness. The king of these chocolates is of course the famous Belgian chocolate bar. Belgian chocolates are slowly taking over the world and are claimed to be what Da Vinci is to Art. What magic do these chocolate makers weave? They are the creators of dark chocolate and they rule our tongues without a doubt. We fall in a trance when we eat their chocolates and feel like we have conquered the world. Here are some of the top brands which have conquered our hearts and souls with their passionately crafted chocolates.

Côte d’Or Chocolates

Côte d’Or is the maker of Belgian chocolate, and Mondelēz International is the owner. Côte d’Or was established in 1883 by Neuhaus, a chocolate producer who utilized the name Côte d’Or which means Gold Coast in French, the wellspring of a considerable lot of the cacao beans utilized as a part of chocolate assembling. These chocolate delights stem from Côte d’Or’s ability and energy for the chocolate item. The explanations behind its prosperity are self-evident: front line craftsmanship, unwaveringness to a novel exceptional flavor and the first formula and a consistent quest for new thoughts, with the going with effective item advancements. This chocolate is so delicious that more than 600 million Côte d’Or chocolates are sold in a year which is astounding.

Neuhaus Chocolates

Neuhaus opened its doors in 1857 not as a chocolate shop but as a pharmacy. Disguised as chocolate covered sweets to hide the flavor, medicines were sold at Neuhaus. The first Belgian Praline was created by Neuhaus inn 1912 with fresh cream inside the chocolates instead of medicine. This started a tradition of quality Neuhaus chocolates that are famous for their unique taste and luxurious smoothness. After a while Neuhaus expanded further with its creation of the first legendary gift box of chocolates called ‘the ballotin’ Neuhaus has fed its creations to the rich, the famous, royals and the general public for ages. With 1000 outlets in over 50 countries, now Neuhaus is known not only for its quality but also the trademark luxurious smoothness.

Godiva Chocolates

A global premium brand of Belgian chocolates, there is hardly anyone in the known world who hasn’t heard of Godiva. Armed with 90 years of chocolate making experience, Godiva began making premium quality chocolates in the year 1926. From then on, this brand spread like the big bang and consumed our hearts and souls with chocolaty goodness. Godiva is named for boldness, spirit and generosity after the honorary legend of Lady Godiva. In 1946, Godiva perfected its Truffle which became an instant hit. This creation became a Godiva benchmark not just for the brand but also for chocolatiers all over the world. Godiva reached still new heights in ‘68 and ’72 and now owns over 600 boutiques in the world.

Now tell me who doesn’t like chocolate? Especially kids? We’ve all grown up with chocolate being our reward for being good or our treat for a special occasion. I remember when I was a child, chocolate was a rarity.