List of Famous Makers of Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate is often called the food of the heavens and why shouldn’t it? It sure does taste as heavenly as anything from there would. It’s hard to remember that chocolate is created by human hands with the raw product that is as bitter as cocoa. This fact is true for all chocolates but especially Belgian chocolates which taste like the stuff dreams are made up of. Hard to imagine but it is the truth, Belgian chocolate is made from hard work by famous Belgian Chocolatiers. Here we have the chocolate countdown for you!

Neuhaus Chocolates

Believe it or not, Neuhaus chocolates started in 1857 as medicines covered in chocolate to make them more eatable. Neuhaus has a major historical significance in the history of Belgian chocolates and is the maker of the first praline in 1912.  Now Neuhaus is the global leader in luxury Belgian chocolates with worldwide stores and thousands enjoying their chocolates. Immerse yourself in the ageless taste of Neuhaus Belgian chocolates, reflected in the high caliber of its items, the profound enthusiasm of all its workers, and the unadulterated joy clients who appreciate purchasing, offering and tasting Neuhaus chocolates.

Leonidas Chocolates

Leonidas Chocolate makers have been creating exceptional Belgian chocolates for four generations. With respect for their traditions and chocolate heritage, they base their excellent reputation on the basis of quality and freshness. All materials used in Leonidas are 100% pure giving these chocolates impeccable quality. Leonidas takes sharing to whole new levels by making chocolate a staple in all kinds of events and functions. Make your minutes and hours with your loved ones memorable with warm and delightful Leonidas chocolates.

Côte d’Or Chocolates

The Côte d’Or chocolates are one of the finest Belgian chocolate makers in the world. Expertly combining knowledge and science to imagine a unique recipe that guarantees that the only taste you’ll crave will be the taste of Cote d’Or chocolates. The secret of this taste is based on attention paid to four key phases: The selection and mixture of beans, roasting, refining and conching which makes them delectable creations.

Godiva Chocolates

Can we have a chocolate maker countdown without Godiva? Godiva is the trusted maker of Belgian chocolates that is known and trusted all over the world. Pierre Draps in 1926 created the first Godiva chocolate and started the name that is now a worldwide favorite. It has been 90 years to that year and yet Godiva manages to bring forward great chocolate creations each year and exceed expectations every time.

Wittamer Chocolates

What in 1910 started as a small family owned patisserie in the heart of Brussels is now a worldwide craved delicacy. With four generations and enormous experience under their belt, Wittamer chocolates provide luxurious Belgian chocolates made from dreams. With signature gourmet chocolate and pleasing atmosphere, Wittamer has devoted life and soul to the business of making fine chocolate to satisfy their customers making them today one of the leading distributers of Belgian Chocolate.

Now tell me who doesn’t like chocolate? Especially kids? We’ve all grown up with chocolate being our reward for being good or our treat for a special occasion. I remember when I was a child, chocolate was a rarity.