Facts about Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate has been and will forever be the sole friend of humans. Be it men, women, kids or old people, chocolate can just about conquer the hearts of everyone! Let’s face it; this generation is especially addicted to chocolate. Let’s look at some interesting facts about Belgian chocolate

1.     King of Chocolates

Did you know that Belgian Chocolate is called the King of chocolates while Swiss chocolate is known by some as the Queen of chocolates? This is because Belgian chocolate is made from pure cacao and is dark chocolate while the Swiss import their cacao and use their own milk.

2.     Historical Value

Belgian chocolate has a lot of historical value from the 17th century until now. Wars were fought over cocoa plantations and treaties were made to ensure its survival. Europe was acquainted with chocolate when the Spanish conquistadors brought cocoa rather than gold once again from their ventures. Before long this severe cocoa was joined with sugar and voila, chocolate was made.

3.     High End Commodity

Not many people know that Belgian chocolate is the highest priced chocolate in the world. This is because pure Belgian chocolate is not easy to make. It requires fresh materials and pure products to give it that lovely smoothness and that luxurious taste that brings to mind heaven.

4.     Father of the Swiss

Surprisingly enough, after the gentry started drinking a lot of hot chocolate drinks, they invited other world leaders over to drink their spectacular brew. When the mayor of Zurich came to Brussels, he got a taste of the chocolaty concoction and got addicted. He took the idea home with him and this is how Switzerland became a contender with Belgium over fine chocolate.

5.     Chocolate of the Royals

In the early years, Belgian chocolate could only be afforded by the rich and famous and the average person could not eat it. At this time, chocolate was cocoa and cocoa was the elite item of the rich. The indication of honorability, cocoa used to be inebriated by the rich and celebrated nobles, specialists and sovereignty as an extravagance.

6.     Leopold II Started It All

It all started when Leopold II came into power! Although quite a cruel leader, Belgian chocolate was created essentially by his cruelty. He colonized the Congo and made sure all the cocoa from there came to Brussels. When all the cocoa was coming there, they started making a lot of chocolate.

7.     Praline history

Now that there was an abundant supply of chocolate in Belgium, people started experimenting and one of those chocolate scientists was the famous Belgian chocolate scientist Jean Neuhaus who is the father of the praline. In the starting he was just a regular sweet maker who sold squares of chocolates until in 1912 this great man used the sugar method to form the first praline.

8.     Branded Belgian Creations

In these modern times, Belgian chocolate now comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and brands. It is the only highly priced branded item that is sold in such excess all over the world. Some of the most favorite brands include Godiva, Neuhaus, Leonidas and Wittamer Belgian chocolate makers.

Now tell me who doesn’t like chocolate? Especially kids? We’ve all grown up with chocolate being our reward for being good or our treat for a special occasion. I remember when I was a child, chocolate was a rarity.