Belgium: The Chocolate Heritage

Belgium has been associated with chocolate for centuries and can trace its relationship with this wonderful product since 1635 AD. That was the time when Belgium was under Spanish Occupation and chocolate had been recently introduced to Europe from Mesoamerica….


The Secret behind the creation of Belgian Chocolate

Belgium is a small country nestled between France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands but this tiny country has produced some of the finest products in the world – Chocolates, a luxury and a daily pleasure. This country which has a…


Facts about Belgian chocolates

When you look at a box of chocolates, do you sometimes wonder the process behind the product? Or do you just sink your teeth into soft smooth chocolate which has various amazing flavors to choose from? Chocolate has come a…

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The Crème de la crème: The top Belgian Chocolate Brands

Belgium has given birth to iconic chocolate brands known the world over. Let’s see how many of them you recognize. Godiva: The name has become largely associated with Belgian chocolates and is famous the world over. Associated with luxury, the…