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How long does Chocolate last?

Due to the high amount of anti oxidants as well as sugar which is a preservative, dark chocolates can last up to 5 years. As Belgian chocolates are mostly dark chocolates, you should consume them within the time frame. Milk chocolates on the other hand contain milk solids and should be consumed within a years’ time. We all know what happens to milk when it becomes bad. Anyway, I don’t think chocolate can be left uneaten for five years.

What is the best chocolate to eat?

That is a very subjective question and many factors have to be considered like your own personal preferences. Do you like dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Do you like nutty fillings? Do you like your chocolate sweet or bitter? Do you prefer chocolates that are smoother and creamier n texture and taste? Depending upon your personal tastes, the one you like is the best chocolate for you.

If I want to order chocolates but I live in a different country, how is it ensured that the chocolate does not perish along the way?

Even if you live in an area where you enjoy warm weather, many Belgian companies pride themselves on delivering world class chocolates. They have shipping systems that monitors the temperature of the delivery area and accordingly the appropriate packaging is used like cooler boxes or frozen gel packs.

What is organic chocolate?

Chocolates that are produced using fully natural ingredients can be termed organic. All processes from the growth of the cocoa beans, to using natural fertilizers instead of pesticides are checked and all products are obtained from organic farmers. If the product is made from at least 95% organically grown ingredients, it may use the term organic. Generally, organic chocolates are pricier than other products as organic ingredients are less abundant and require more care than average in all stages of processing.

I’ve heard the term Fairtrade chocolate. What is that?

The label was introduced in 1980 and came into being to protect the smaller farmers from powerful multinationals that could pressure the market to keeping the prices low to weed out the smaller players and the competition.

How is the safety of the chocolate products ensured while production?

Belgian chocolates go through a stringent checking process at all stages. The principles of Total Quality Management are applied and ISO 9001 is implemented at the factories. Good Manufacturing Practices are implemented along with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points system. All good – whether in the raw, unfinished or finished stage have traceability to keep a record of the quality of the product.

I’ve heard that Belgian chocolate is handmade. Is that true?

Yes, it is true. Belgian chocolates taste so good because they follow traditional practices and original recipes passed down generations by families in the chocolate business. These are closely guarded secrets and this is what makes Belgian chocolates standout form the crowd.