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List of Famous Makers of Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate is often called the food of the heavens and why shouldn’t it? It sure does taste as heavenly as anything from there would. It’s hard to remember that chocolate is created by human hands with the raw product that…


Facts about Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate has been and will forever be the sole friend of humans. Be it men, women, kids or old people, chocolate can just about conquer the hearts of everyone! Let’s face it; this generation is especially addicted to chocolate. Let’s…


History of Belgian Chocolate

One of the things people all over the world whether of different cultures, colors or castes will agree is that the worldwide comfort food is chocolate. In times of happiness and times of sorrow, chocolate has survived the test of…


Reasons why Belgian Chocolate is Delicious

Belgian Chocolates are one of the best chocolates that you can discover the world over. It has an exceptional taste, the uniqueness, euphoria and the outlandish flavor fills your mouth and makes an everlasting feeling that arrives in a glimmer…


Top Brands of Belgian Chocolate

Nothing beats a good bar of chocolate. Whether it’s a stressful day or a happy event, chocolates are the holy grail of love, comfort and happiness. The king of these chocolates is of course the famous Belgian chocolate bar. Belgian…


The Chocolate War: Belgian chocolates vs. Swiss Chocolates

I’m sure many people have asked this question, which is better? Swiss or Belgian chocolates? For the layman, like me, chocolate is chocolate. How can you choose between products that tastes absolutely the same? But my sentence would appall chocolate…


Belgium: The Chocolate Heritage

Belgium has been associated with chocolate for centuries and can trace its relationship with this wonderful product since 1635 AD. That was the time when Belgium was under Spanish Occupation and chocolate had been recently introduced to Europe from Mesoamerica….


The Secret behind the creation of Belgian Chocolate

Belgium is a small country nestled between France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands but this tiny country has produced some of the finest products in the world – Chocolates, a luxury and a daily pleasure. This country which has a…